Find the wheels you need in Oak, Madison County, Chiefland, FL

Wheels can be one part or multi-part

If are looking for auto parts such as wheels in Gainesville, Chiefland, Lake Butler FL, Live Oak FL or Madison County, then you need look no further than Dixies Salvage. They carry a comprehensive inventory of wheels and many other car and light truck parts.


They stock wheels for all types of cars and trucks including foreign and domestic models such as Ford, Chevy, Buick, Dodge, Chrysler, GMC, as well as the most popular imports like Toyota, Nissan, Honda.


You can use their website to search for wheels and other auto parts. You can search by year and model. You can also use the image selector search.  Whether you need wheels for a Chevy 2004 Colorado or a wheel for a 2003 Plymouth Voyager, you can find it by doing a quick part search.


It is good to know a bit about wheels in general.  Wheels are not all made the same. The performance of an alloy wheel is related to the manufacturing methods used. A wheel consists of a hub, spokes and a rim. These are sometimes one unit and sometimes three different parts. The hub is the center component and attaches to the suspension. The spokes connect the hub and the rim. The rim holds the tire. The rim is not the wheel, but part of the wheel.


When looking for light truck wheels you often have a choice between steel and alloy wheels. Steel wheels offer durability and don’t chip of break as easily as aluminum wheels. The stamped construction of steel wheels improves structural integrity. Since steel is less porous than aluminum they offer a better resistance against sand, gravel and related particles.


Aluminum wheels are lighter than steel ones. Cast alloy wheels have higher malleability and offers manufactures more design options. Cast aluminum is rust resistant, easy to clean and generally looks better than steel.



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