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Top 4 Online Marketing Tips For Auto Part Stores

Want to know how you can use online marketing to increase sales for your auto part store ?

There is a lot of room for online marketing improvement especially when it comes to auto part stores. As a first step, you could increase your store profits by implementing an optimized sales funnel that gets results.

The good news is that auto part stores enjoy resilience even during times of economic downturn. Here are 4 online marketing tips that will help you increase sales for your auto part store:

  1. Email Automation

A repeat customer is worth 3 to 7 times the cost of a new one. Once you’ve got a conversion or sale, you’ll have the email address of your customer.

An cost effective way to start your relationships is with email automation campaigns. Setup triggered email automation campaigns to send a personalized “thank you” message with the customer’s name and product details. Send out weekly updates, deals and new auto products you’re getting in.

  • Personalize your subject line – include your customer’s name
  • Be specific and clear about your message
  • Ask a question
  • Offer discount or coupon for loyal customers

     2. Coupon Landing Page

Direct your prospects to a coupon landing page on your website.

Setup up a coupon on your website (or Facebook Page and Twitter).

How to make an online coupon:

  1. Sign into your coupon app provider
  2. Click on “create a coupon”
  3. Make your coupon, with a title, details, image and fine print
  4. Create a unique landing page on your website and insert the coupon
  5. Customers get their own personalized coupon code to redeem at your store

     3. Facebook Ads

By using Facebook ads you can hyper-target based on:

  • Demographics – You can reach your market by specific age, gender, relationship, education, job title and more.
  • Interests – You’re able to reach your consumer based on interests, hobbies and Pages Liked on Facebook.
  • Behaviors – You can even target based on previous actions, such as likes and devices used to access the platform
  • Location – Like Google Ads, you can target to consumers where they live – based on country, state/province, and city. You can also target based on phone number and zip code – to reach repeat customers in your database.

     4. Optimized Landing Pages

A well made auto part store product landing page should:

  • Show an image of the part
  • Include a headline with the part name
  • Give a description
  • Include the auto part number
  • Give the auto part price
  • Have a clear, easy to see CTA
  • Have directional cues towards the CTA

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