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Why count on Dixie Salvage to get the auto parts you require when you need?

There is no one throughout the heart of Dixie County from Alachua County to Leon County to Madison County to Taylor County, Gilchrist County and Old Town in FL who have not yet heard about the name of our company Dixie Salvage. Ask anyone around and you will figure out quickly that Dixie Salvage, one of the leading and reputable auto parts stores in FL is the name to know for light truck and auto parts. Dixie Salvage always stood behind every auto or light truck parts that are being sold. We make it very simple for all of us to get the auto parts we require for our brand new cars. This simple-to-use auto search will ensure you get the right auto part every time. Just provide the required information and our computer database will do the rest of the job. You need to count on us to get the auto parts you require when you need for the following 11 reasons as given below:

  1. 3 months (90 days) warranty
  2. Get a true peace of mind with our available extended warranties.
  3. Save lump sum money over dealership parts prices.
  4. Provides with easy and complete shipping facilities anywhere in the U.S except for sheet metal like- car doors, trunk lids, hoods and many more
  5. Fast turnaround time to deliver at your place
  6. Save a lot of time and aggravation and enjoy complete auto parts service.
  7. “No-hassle” return policy
  8. Cash for your scrap metal
  9. Online search of our huge inventories of certified and licensed recycled and new auto parts including headlights, taillights, side glass, wind screen, radiators and wheels, right from your desktop computer or smart phone.
  10. Our innovative products are always competitive and so it does not blow a hole in your pocket, i.e., we will always pay you a fair price.
  11. More than 30 acres of covered storehouse space.

Thanks a lot for selecting us for making sure of accuracy and maintaining the integrity of your auto parts and also for visiting our website by clicking here We hope to see you soon and we look forward to serving you.

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