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Are you planning to restore your car but do not want to shell out a considerable sum of money? Then instead of opting for original parts, how about getting junkyard auto parts within your budget? If the idea seems good for you, don’t waste time and get in touch with Dixie Salvage, your one-stop destination for junkyard parts. We are happy to get the right auto parts for our clients without the hassle of getting under the hood of the car. So, if you reside in or around Gainesville, Lake Butler FL or Taylor County, get in touch with us now. And in the meanwhile, read this blog to know the tips of getting the right auto parts for your car for junkyards.

Tips for getting the right junkyard auto parts for your car

  1. Know your requirements – Make sure you know exactly what you need before you go on a search for auto parts. Know the make and the model of your car. Also, try to know about the cars that have used parts like radios for instance. It is important to remember that some things are used for more than once.
  2. Carry the right tool – Do not forget to carry the right tool to take off the parts you require from a junkyard car. Take some extra tools also, so that you can take off anything extra to get to your part and fit it in place. You can carry your tool box or bag with you to be sure.
  3. Take care of small parts – If you are looking for small parts like screws and washers, take zipper storage bag with you to make sure you don’t lose them somewhere in the junkyard.

So, if you are a resident of Alachua County and  Madison County, feel free to call us at our toll-free number at 800-226-7077 or visit us at to get you auto parts now.

Madison County, Taylor County Junkyard services from Dixie Salvage is an affordable way to restore or repair your project. Contact us now!

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