Rebuilt Transmissions in Chiefland, Gilchrist Country, Perry, Lake Butler and Nearby Cities

A rebuilt transmission is an inside and out process that requires a lot of work. This includes eliminating the transmission, investigating, cleaning, and supplanting “hard” parts, and afterward reassembling the transmission as a finished unit with all of its “delicate parts” or seals, gaskets, grips, and groups. A rebuilt transmission modification is an extraordinary choice. This implies you are just supplanting the parts that have fizzled.

Let us look below at the three reasons for choosing rebuilt transmissions:

Rebuilt Transmissions in Live Oak, FL, Perry, FL, Chiefland, Madison County, and Surrounding Areas


 At the point when a transmission is remanufactured, the new variant incorporates refreshes that have been made in the years since the transmission was fabricated. Past updates have included things like better grating material and valve plan and all the more exactly machined interior parts.


Rebuilt transmission guarantees even the tightest of entries and directions in the transmission are spotless and unclogged by absorbing them in high-pressure, high-heat parts washing tanks. They likewise test the end result completely with a dynamometer that mimics certifiable circumstances. The objective is to guarantee once the remanufactured transmission is introduced in a vehicle, it will work entirely for the initial time.


Since remanufactured transmissions have been totally updated and all parts supplanted, they accompany longer guarantees, typically a few years contrasted with a few months for modified transmissions.

It’s not difficult to get every one of the parts you want for a major fix work with Dixie Salvage. Our multi-part search permits you to look into many parts all at once by VIN, guaranteeing exactness. The VIN incorporates model data, for example, motor size, transmission type, and trim level, as well as different subtleties that assist with laying out the exact part you really want. Contact us if you reside around Chiefland, Taylor Country, Gilchrist Country, Gainesville, Perry, FL, and Lake Butler, FL areas. 

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