Transmissions in Gainesville, Leon County, Live Oak FL, Perry FL, and Surrounding Areas

Are you not satisfied with the performance of your car? There could be a problem with the transmission which might be the reason for the sudden breakdowns of your car. At Dixie Salvage, we have a full-service yard that offers exceptional servicing of any automobile. Being a member of the Florida Auto Dismantlers and Recycling Association (FADRA), we are totally committed to the protection of natural and manufactured resources. Our dedicated agents make sure you get the parts required in your car in good working condition. Adhering to the strict Code of Ethics of FADRA we aim to achieve absolute customer satisfaction and community support. If we don’t have any particular part, we search our huge network of salvage yards and get it for you. Foreign or domestic, Dixie Salvage has multiple options when it comes to the latest models of vehicles, including popular imports like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda.

Transmissions in Gainesville, Leon County, Live Oak FL, Perry FLBelow we have mentioned 3 ways how transmission service is beneficial for your vehicle.

  1. Prevents Overheating

While driving any vehicle the transmission fluid gets hot, and the particles from the metal shaving and the debris from the clutch material begin to burn. Thus overheating the equipment and causing it to malfunction. Replacing this dirty fluid will ensure the smooth running of your car.

  1. Improves Fuel Economy

To guarantee maximum efficiency your engine needs to be properly powered and lubricated. So, changing the fluid when it turns black will ensure the strong running of your engine for a long time. As it will put less strain on the machine, it will drain less oil. Hence, making your vehicle more fuel-efficient.

  1. Cost-Effective

Transmissions are usually expensive to replace. But if you schedule transmissions flush at regular intervals you can save money on the repair or a replacement. Also, changing to automatic transmissions fluid will be a cheaper option.

So, if you are a resident of Gainesville, Alachua County, Leon County, Live Oak FL, Madison County, Perry FL, and you need help with your automobile, you can contact us.

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