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Benefits of automatic transmissions

Auto transmissions are of two types, namely automatic and manual with both having its respective set of benefits. But today automatic transmission is more in demand. It is extremely crucial for a person to choose the right transmission type as the type selected should support the driver and the form of driving he does the most. Considering the demand for auto transmission, we at Dixie Salvage offer the same to people residing in and around Gainesville, Chiefland, Gilchrist County, Leon County and Live Oak FL.

Why choose automatic transmission?

If you drive a car having an automatic transmission you can enjoy a host of benefits namely,

  • Easy to operate- as the transmission will look after shifting amid gears for matching both the acceleration as well as deceleration needs, you will not require learning how to utilize a clutch, the right time needed for operating as in case of a manual transmission or when to shift. While driving an automatic, you only need to shift amid reverse, park and drive which needs less specific knowledge and is much easier
  • Higher resale value- a car’s resale value will go higher if it has an automatic transmission with the rise in the demand for an automatic model
  • Better in traffic- in case of bumper to bumper and stop-and-go traffic, a car with an automatic transmission will be a far better choice
  • More availability- with the growing demand of an automatic model naturally its availability will be more
  • More accurate and powerful- an automatic transmission is inherently superior with regards to the power it offers and how accurately it shifts amid gears. This form of transmission will allow for higher surface contact for existing amid the gears that results in higher power transmission, which is less prone to breakage

With so much of the benefits that an automatic transmission offers make the most of it. For more information, call us today.




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