Transmissions in Madison County, Gainesville, Leon County, Live Oak, FL, and Nearby Cities

Of the many parts that an automobile is made of, few are very vital to the proper functioning of your vehicle. To drive power from the engine to the wheels your car needs a good transmission with strong coil springs. We, at Dixie Salvage, are here to offer you radiators, taillights, mirrors, and many other body parts from domestic as well as foreign make. With us, not only will you get an excellent turnaround and competitive rates but also parts which you have been looking all around but are hard to find. We have a team of professionals who are knowledgeable enough to know what your car needs and they make sure you get it hassle-free and in good working condition. For the people of Madison County, Gainesville, Leon County, Live Oak, FL, Taylor County, and Alachua County we even have a 90-day warranty along with an extended warranty.

Transmissions in Madison County, Gainesville, Leon County, Live Oak, FLBelow we have mentioned 3 important reasons why you need quality transmission coil springs. Take a look.

  • Improve Performance

A properly functioning transmission is very important for a car’s optimal performance. And, for that, the springs need to be reliable and they should meet the force requirements. If the springs are not of high-quality, it puts the entire transmission in risk thus affecting the performance of the car in totality.

  • Saves Fuel

The better the quality of the coil springs the more efficient the transmission of any car will be. This will also ensure a smoother shift from one gear to another without a hitch. Usually, with poor quality springs, the valves tend to stick and cause more troubles for your car.

  • Eliminates maintenance issues

It is the quality of your coil springs in the transmission that makes your car durable. While the inferior springs give way over a period of time, a dependable spring will save you the frequent trips to a repair shop.

So, if you are looking for a vehicle with a good transmission, you can contact us on 352-498-7000.

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