Transmissions in Perry FL, Cheifland, Gainesville, and all the Surrounding Areas

Are you an automobile enthusiast? Then you must know that automobile and their certain parts wear off over a period of time. Worry not, come to Dixie Salvage; we can offer you various auto parts from sheds to wheels to transmission. You can count on us because we are a full-service auto salvage company with experience of over 3 decades. Since customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, we ship all that you want to your doorstep, except sheet metals like car doors, trunk lids, and hoods. Being a locally-owned company we are contributing to the local economy as the money you spend remains here only. Our owner, Scott Ambrose, believes that if our community thrives, we will all benefit from it; and he takes great pride in being able to contribute to it. Our team is well-trained to understand when a used part would do the job and when a new part is required to get the machine running. At Dixie Salvage, you will get an excellent turnaround at competitive prices. We have our branches in and around Gainesville, Chief land, Perry FL, Live Oak FL, Madison County, and Alachua County. 

Transmissions in Perry FL, Cheifland, Gainesville

Below we have mentioned 2 common troubles transmissions face that requires a repair. Take a look. 

  1. Burning Smell 

If your transmission gets overheated because of rigorous use and fluid breakdown then you might get a burning smell. This typically occurs if there is a low fluid level or you used wrong transmission fluid. This odor would linger if you don’t tend to it immediately.  


  1. Grinding Noise 

If you hear grinding, whining, or any other noises as you shift, this may cause trouble. This too can be caused by a lack of fluid or even a mechanical fluid. To avoid you being stuck unable to shift it is recommended to get your transmission checked as soon as possible. 


So, if you are having problems with your transmission and you want professional help, you can give us a call on 352-498-7000. 

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