Cars are often the dearest assets for many. No matter how old or worn out it becomes, its healthy condition is very important to  the owners. If you are a car owner, I am sure you also think on the same lines. But what would you do if some parts of the car stop working and you need to get the used parts because of money crunch? Maybe you need some used wheels in good condition or mirrors. Then, your only option is to rush to a nearby salvage yard where you can remove some used parts of the dumped cars and get them for your vehicle at the affordable price. So, if you are in Gainesville, Alachua County, Lake Butler FL or Leon County, and looking for such reliable salvage yard then come to us at Dixie Salvage as we are the only full-service salvage yard in the area.

Are you wondering how you will be able to choose the right salvage yard in the aforementioned areas? Take a look at the following points to know more.

How Can You Find the Right Salvage Yard Easily

  • Online Inventory: Those days are long gone when you had to visit the junk yard and look for the right model, make or year. Most of the salvage yards have their functional website these days. They enlist every product they have in the yard. You just have to put the query and search.
  • Parts Warranty: While choosing the salvage yard, it is necessary that you get warranty for the parts. You must look for the yards that can provide you with the parts in a good condition and with a proper warranty. For example, we, Dixie Salvage, provide our customers with minimum 90 days of warranty along with an extended one.
  • Experience: If you are visiting the yard, finding the parts by yourself will take too much of time. But if you check the experience and hire the one who is in the business for a long time, be rest assured, they will quickly get you what exactly you are looking for.

So, now as you know about the right ways to find the salvage yard in your area what are you waiting for? If you are in Live Oak FL or Madison County, then start your search or you can call us at 800-226-7077 now.

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