Wheels in Gainesville, Madison County, Live Oak FL, and all the Surrounding Areas

Are you thinking of up-sizing or simply changing the wheels of your car? Then, you should give it a lot of thought. Although a wheel looks like a simple round metal hoop that accommodates your tires, it has a significant impact on your car’s performance, your safety, and driving comfort. So, it is imperative to buy your wheels from reputed and quality manufacturers or retailers. We, at Dixie Salvage, can be your ideal choice when it comes to wheels because we provide a remarkable, nation-wide service to all car enthusiasts looking for good quality car parts at affordable prices. With more than 3 decades of an auto salvage experience and a member of the Florida Auto Dismantlers & Recyclers Association, we have created a name for ourselves in and around areas like Alachua County, Chiefland, Lake Butler FL, Live Oak FL, Madison County, and Perry FL. 

However, before you purchase your new wheels, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here, we have put together a few tips for you. Take a look. 

  • Focus on Wheel Fittings 

Give enough importance to the fittings of the wheels. The mounting point varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Cars have varying lugs and stud pattern or commonly known as the Pitch Circle Diameter. If you choose an expert company that has well-trained and experienced professionals, then they can guide you with this stud pattern which has important numbers guiding you better with respect to the kinds of wheels that will fit your car’s wheel hub. 

  • Don’t Go for Bigger Diameter 

When people resort to aftermarket stores, it means they are looking for something bigger. But bigger doesn’t always mean better. You might have to compromise on your safety and comfort due to the bigger size of the wheels. The bigger wheel and tire combination makes it very heavy which affects the suspension, making it tough to ride and also liable to make you lose control of the steering wheel. An increased diameter requires a lower profile tire which has a thinner sidewall, which gives a less cushioning impact. And if there is less rubber between the road and the wheel to absorb the shocks, your wheels are more exposed to the risks or damages from debris and potholes. 


If you want to purchase the right wheels or seek assistance in choosing the right wheels for your car, quickly contact us at the earliest. 

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