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4 preventative maintenance tips for transmissions


Vehicle transmissions have had an interesting evolution in Leon County, Madison County, Taylor County and Old Town in FL in the U.S.  It is one of its most important internal components. Without an efficiently and properly functioning transmission, the engine of your motorized vehicle would not be able to transmit power to its four wheels in the future. Just like any other auto parts, your transmission may require maintenance and repair service from us at Dixie Salvage, so that you can be sure about it being in great shape for every mileage of driving down the road. Due to the normal wear that comes from usual driving, transmission repair involving extensive procedures may become an inevitable method for your vehicle. We specialize in both automatic transmission maintenance and repairs to can provide you with all of the works required to help your automatic transmission endure longer. If you really want to keep your transmission in great working condition, continue reading to know a few preventative maintenance tips:

  1. Follow the owner manual’s transmission maintenance schedule– Abiding by the valuable information given in an auto manufacturer’s transmission maintenance schedule you will go a long way towards extending the life of your vehicle’s transmission.
  2. Adjust the clutch pedal– To keep your transmission running great, you may want to have a mechanic adjust your clutch pedal daily. Over time, the cables in your clutch pedal can show signs of wear, thus, causing your vehicle to move accidentally out of place. With regular adjustments, your clutch will remain in terrific shape.
  3. Look for signs for potential problems– This is another key of preventative maintenance for your vehicle transmission. Once you detect any trouble, for instance – any squealing or whining sounds accompanied by vibrations while your vehicle is shifting between gears or a strong burning smell under your hood, you should then immediately schedule repairs.
  4. Flush your transmission fluid– Low transmission fluid is one of the major transmission problem faced by vehicle owners. If your car is equipped with an automatic transmission, you may want to have the transmission fluid adequately flushed at periodic intervals. Your transmission is meant to be cleaned and lubricated by the transmission fluid. The additional duty of transmission fluid is to power the hydraulics inside your automatic transmission system. By keeping your transmission fluid flushed, you can prolong the life of your transmission system to a great extent.

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