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A comparative guide between front and rear wheels drive systems

Right from the transfer case is attached to the transmissions through the propeller shaft to the front axle and ending up in your rear axle, the torque engines produce reaches the road through 4-wheel-drive vehicles’ drivetrain. In a few 4-wheel luxury cars with rear-mounted engines and gearboxes, like Fiats and VW Beetles, driving the rear wheels, where the power is transmitted right straight through the clutch to the gearbox, passing to the wheels through the propeller shafts. The arrangement is almost is same to some front wheel-drive cars, except that no allowance need be made for steering movement of the wheels. Ever perplexing, the arrangement of modern drivetrains is often misunderstood by us. Here, we at Dixie Salvage, one of the leading and reputable auto parts stores operating in and around Alachua County to Leon County to Madison County to Taylor County, Gilchrist County and Old Town in FL will be discussing about the differences between front and rear wheels drive system. So, keep reading to know more…

  1. Rear wheel drive (RWD) – The power of rear wheel drive (RWD), the most common arrangement for older vehicles and most trucks runs from the engine through a transmission and propeller shaft to the rear axle of the vehicle.
  2. Front wheel drive (FWD) – The most common arrangement for most economy cars and even some compact sport utility vehicles (SUVs) since the 1980’s is the front wheel drive (FWD) in which the Power from the engine runs through transaxle and travels to the front wheels through an axle shaft. The major benefit of using front wheel drive arrangements is that the weight of the engine is over the drive wheels, offering better friction. But, there are two main drawbacks of this arrangement for performance minded owners and those are torque steer and weight balance.

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